We – Hafs.com – offer a huge potential for those who are looking forward to learning Quran correct recitation rules as well as Arabic language in order to read it as
it was firstly recited by the messenger of Allah
(may the blessing and peace be upon him).
Why Hafs?Well, he’s one of the most significant figures in the art of Qira’at and Quran recitation, besides, his method has become one of the most popular methods across much of the Muslim world.
Our servicesWe tend to present group and individual Quran classes accompanied with recitation rules and voweling system in order to enhance your pronunciation level in Arabic.
Other aspects to consider are low fees, the knowledgeable teachers and high-quality online meetings which we guarantee that you will enjoy.
We aim to…As we worship the Lord by reciting Quran, we aim to improve Muslims’ recitation as much as we can.

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Vedad Grozdanic · 2nd December 2020 at 1:18 am

ma sha Allah … 💛

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